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Gladys had purchased a plot on which we were planning to build the school. Neither Gladys nor the vendor was aware that the land came under a government Settlement Act which prevented the original owner from selling it on or leasing it out. Unfortunately, Gladys is very unlikely to get her investment back and we are unable to continue with our work there.

This has had a major impact on the cost as we now have to raise a total of £120,000 to purchase another plot of land and to build the school and dormitories that the children deserve.

Despite this set-back, we do have some very positive news.

  1. We are delighted to have 3 new members in our team (Jane and Paul Walker and Caroline Coster).
  2. The Mombasa Lions Club have agreed to provide funds for some basic improvements to the present school as an interim measure.
  3. A link has been established with the Mombasa Cerebral Palsy Centre (CPC) providing therapy training for the teaching staff at St. Peter’s funded by the CAREducation Trust (a UK charity which supports education in India and Africa)
  4. We are extremely fortunate that CAREducation are keen to support our project.
  5. Glady’s daughter, Ellen, has now joined her mother to manage the administration of the school and to ensure its sustainability.
  6. Gladys is now setting the school up as a registered charity with a board of trustees to offer advice and assistance and raise funds locally to support the school running costs.
  7. Caroline is also fundraising to provide start-up money to establish in business those parents who cannot afford the school fees.